I tend to have a horror of the word ‘camping’, with visions of muddy floors, Freezing cold tents, and horrible meals. But camping, or should I say ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) in Bahrain’s desert area of Sakhir is a totally different adventure. Here you’ll find huge tents, complete with air conditioning, kitchens, TV’s, awesome sound systems – and very importantly, modern toilet facilities. Add to that a roaring fire and wonderful local food, and you have a winner!

Let’s face it, Bahrainis have been camping for generations – all the way back to their Bedouin forefathers. It’s wonderful that even with today’s busy, urban lifestyle desert camping is still very much practiced – in fact, it’s thriving. Tents are packed with family and friends and there’s even a commercialized aspect – with tents available to rent for those who want to escape city life.

Some tents are part concrete to keep out the wind, sand, and rains of winter. And there are often ‘double roofs’, which make for a dry ceiling, whether from rain or humidity. This year ‘Tent City’ (tents as far as the eye can see), is located near the famous Tree of Life, with a stunning background of limestone hills. And community patrols are there to ensure that your camping experience is peaceful and orderly. Campers can even find ‘camp’ restaurants that offer anything from Khuboos (Arabic bread), grills, Karak, and Gawa (traditional tea and coffee). Add a mobile cold store into the mix and you’re all set. Companies have also realized the popularity and organize tents for their employees or organizing team-building getaways. Party organizers rent big campsites and throw desert nights out.

Rent depends on the size and amenities offered at the campsite, averagely rent starts from BD80/day on the weekends and BD40 on weekdays. Included will be toilet facilities, a generator, and wood for the fire. Rent depend on the size and amenities cost can be BD 100 on weekends and BD 200 on weekdays this is like 4 tents in the camp two toilets, a generator to supply electricity and woods for the campfire. Luxurious campsites can include up to 4 huge tents, sleeping facilities, and professional kitchen facilities. Also available are experiences like falcon handling, camel rides, belly dancers, dune buggy adventures – and more.

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